Dyno Tuning

Fastlane Motorsports is your premiere Ford and Mustang tuning facility! From mild to wild, we can tune them all!!

With over 25,000 logged pulls on our in-house Dyno Jet we have the experience and knowledge to tune your Ford Car or Truck. Our years of experience are what set us apart from the rest. We have the ability to tune your Ford application using many different software solutions such as SCT, FAST, AEM, Big Stuff 3, and HP Tuners.

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Engine Building

Fastlane Motorsports offers a complete in house engine program that specializes in Ford pushrod and modular engines. With 60+ years of experience in our Engine Department, all aspects of engine development from design engineering to final assembly are completed to exacting standards. We pride ourselves not only on the power that our engines are known to make, but the longevity of our engines as well. No matter if we are completing a simple re-build or developing a 2,000 RWHP race engine we use the same standards and quality control.

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Fastlane Motorsports offers in house fabrication services to assist you with your Street or Race project. We specialize in the engineering and fabrication of Race and Street Turbo Systems, Certifiable Roll Cages, Rearend Narrowing and Bracing, Mini-tubbing, and EFI Conversions.

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Since 1993

Shop Services

Fastlane Motorsports is a fully functional performance shop! Fastlane has the equipment and knowledge to handle any job from mild to wild, with years of experence in both performance installs, fabrication, engine building, machining, and tuning. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!


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